I Love Email

I constantly hear about how much everybody hates email. Look, I receive just as many spam messages and useless email-based notifications and stuffy vapid “regarding my previous email” work messages as the next gal. I get it. But I’ve found there’s something magical about email as a medium of communication, and as a technology.

As of late I’ve taken to emailing random people about things they’ve made when I find it on the internet. Maybe it’s just a short message of appreciation, perhaps a clarifying question, or even a mundane query asking why they did something a certain way. And, every now and then, someone does the same for me. It’s the best feeling in the world to know that another person out there shares your curiosity for a subject. That at least one person found something you made useful, and was engaged enough to have questions.

Once I started sending and receiving more emails I felt I’d gained a superpower. I can talk to anyone in the world, whenever I want to! The feeling of contacting a stranger on the other side of the world with whom I share nothing but a single interest is magical.

Another aspect of email I love is how simple it can be. I can use a native mail client I enjoy with fonts set just so and plain text enabled by default, all without my choices affecting anyone else. I love how email is universal.

The next time you’re looking through some random open source project and a question bubbles into your head, consider sending a quick email! You might have an interesting conversation or brighten someone’s day.

Luna Razzaghipour
23 January 2023